My landscape paintings focus on our individual and personal connection with our physical world. I have continually been drawn to landscape painting because of my personal love for the earth, hiking, and being surrounded by nature.


I create vibrational landscapes to transcend my own need for perfection. Throughout the process of painting I allow and sometimes deliberately make mistakes to free myself from an inner need to execute an idea with exactness. This imperfect and vibrational quality of my paintings also allow the viewer’s minds to fill in the gaps. The experience of viewing a painting becomes like the experience of recalling a memory – our memories change as we change and our minds fill in gaps based on our current beliefs. We may never reflect on an experience the same way twice. 


As malleable humans, we are in constant flux. My art is about capturing and grounding us in our experiences in the present moment. My paintings encourage slow enjoyment. They become a space where viewers can, if they choose, become more connected - to each other, nature, themselves, the earth, their spirituality.  The space within these paintings inspires viewers to sit, be still, and find beauty, power, and inner peace within our ever shifting, ever changing world.